Thursday, December 18, 2008

Warm Winter Blessings

Hello all tomorrow we're suppose to get up to 10" of snow. I was reminded tonight of the 78 blizzard here in New England.. I was a baby then but was lucky to hear the stories from family and even have a few photos from my Nana. It was bad we lost power for a while and because the freezer was down our food had to go outside in a cooler.. Luckily we had a fireplace and coal furnace and the other 2 floors ran on gas heat so we weren't without warmth.... The milk man was the only one out and about passing out bread and milk to those who needed it. People with skis traveling the roads all while my family tried to shovel their way out of the yard.

Luckily we had a lot of family living here at the time. My Aunt Pat & Uncle Dennis were on the third floor with their 2 little ones. Here's my cousin Debbie in the back yard afterwards it looks like she's on a swing LOL

Then My Nana and Grampa on the 2nd floor with 2 of my Uncles

What a time it must have been for all the kids. But Scary I'm sure for a few adults or back breaking as you could see. LOL

How lovely it will be to bake my Christmas goodies while I watch the snow tomorrow afternoon.

Warm Blessing and Happy Holidays To All


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DaisysDesigns said...

How do you remember the blizzard of '78, ya goober, you were like 0 years old :) Your blog looks wonderful, keep up the good work...I love the pic of dad in Sean's wagon...Can't wait to see the newest creations...:)
Daisy :)