Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Hello All!!!!!
I hope everyone is enjoying their New Year! Things here have been busy and hectic. First was the taking down of all Christmas which is always sad. We never seem to enjoy it long enough and every year I'm always saying we'll keep it up longer :) oh well. Next year hehehe...
Then some news from my brother, He has diabetes :( . He was diagnosed this past tuesday and we had a scare on Thursday morning. He had passed out while gettin ready for work. He went to the ER and they sent him home and to be on the safe side, put a halter monitor on him to check his heart. We find the results tomorrow about that. Praying it is nothing like the ER thinks it may be. He was showing signs of Diabetes from the Begining of the Summer. But like the rest of us put if off for something else. Like weight loss, well he was working his full time job and his small lawn business. Then in the heating season, he's a night sweater as it is and started sweating more thought it was cause he sleeps right near the heater. Then the past week or so peeing and thirsty alot. So he went to the DR. He's doing good but the hard part is the adjusting to the no sugars or carbs. He's a strong man and I know will do well.
Been busy also with making a few new items and hoping to list them soon..
I am working on a Valentines Doll,that if it sells part of the proceeds will be donated to the American Diabetes Association.
Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers for him I do appreciate all of them.
God bless you and keep you all safe.
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