Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Hi all I know it's been a while... It's been real busy here... I'm excited that this coming September my neice will be getting married. I can't wait to make the cake and help out with here as much as I can. I'm so proud of them cause they just brought their new home last September and now are paying for their wedding on their own... Such a big step they are taking and we are all so proud of them....

Just recently one of my eBay groups has started a blog AB4B~Age before Beauty~ Beauties4Bloggin. Sandi our leader has started this for us. I'm helping out here and there it's been fun. I'm hoping I'll be able to help out more in the future we'll see. I'm not a big poster LOL as you can tell it's been a while even on here, but I'm good with the behind the scenes stuff. LOL The link is on the right to the blog so please feel free to stop by and visit. There will be featured artist on there and maybe somthing you find you can't live without... So stop by and take a peek....

Well it's getting late and time for me to unwind with some crocheting and tv :) I'll be chatting soon, I hope LOL till then....
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papel1 said...

I don't blame you for leaving the other group. I am too. Nobody would help us out. But I will keep reading your blog and check out your auctions.