Thursday, July 23, 2009

Finally done!!

Hey all it's been a while.... I've been working on some new items to be put up on my website and Ebay come August. I thought I was never gonna finish them in time. LOL Thankfully I was able to get them all done yesterday and took the pics today. Here is a sneek peek at them

Now that that's done time to start thinking of my neice's wedding again AHHHH. I keep forgetting it's getting close, September 19 and I still have tons to do. I need to finish up the center peice lifts and table number holders, then its tackle the bridesmaid dresses and putting a bustle on the wedding dress itself. AHHHHHHH I know I'm missing something LOL I forgot how much goes into these things. I'm so last minute Alice too.. LOL I know it'll get done hook or by crook.. Well I'll be taking a day off tomorrow and then back to work... Wish me luck all hopefully my head won't explode LOL... Thanks for listening and stopping by to check my blog out... I do appreciate it.


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