Sunday, August 17, 2008

Aug 17, 2008

This past week was hectic. The house needed a good cleaning. We had 3 birthdays this week. My sister Kathy the 11, my brother Sean the 13 and today my nephew in law to be Justin. He and my neices are out carravanting. They went to the Washington County Fair hear in Richmond. They try to go every year.

This weekend I started on Justin's Desk, they'll be moving out soon and wanted to refinish this for him. This way they'll have at least one more peice of furniture. LOL I sanded it this Sat and have it glued were it needed glueing. Tomorrow I'm hoping to stain and poly it. I have another peice of furniture to work on soon too. An tv stand that was an old dresser, I had turned into a tv cabinet for my neices. Well Amber an Justin moving need all the furniture they can get. LOL so I'll be adding some finishing touches to that, shelves and a door. When I get that done I'll post some pics. Here are a couple,of the desk in the process.

Also this weekend I've been trying to get started a web shop along with my mini shop. I'm hoping to get my items transfered over to the new shop. Make it look more organized. It's a process, busy making graphics and other little things. I'll keep ya all posted. Thanks for looking....

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papel1 said...

That desk looks like quite a project. Sanding and all that. And good luck on your new web site (or revamping the old)