Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sept 1, 2008

Hi all, it's been a while but lifes been keeping me busy. My neice and her fiance have moved into their new home this weekend and are busy away getting it painted and cleaned. As busy as they can be without electricity. LOL It'll be turned on this tues. Thankfully. It's a cute little home just a street over from us. They love it and deserve the joy it's giving them.

I finally finished the desk YAY..... I found out some of the history to the desk too when Justin's Dad filled us in. It was Justin's Great Grandmothers, she had it in her living room for ever and it was handed down to Randy (Justin's Dad). He was appreciative that it was back to better days and that made me happy. I think it came out better than I'd hoped. Here's a peek....

I was able to work my way to their tv cabinet. Getting the shelves and paint done on it. It was mostly finished from before I just added a few new touches. They have a flat screen that sits on top and needed a place for their electronics and such. So Here's some of what it looked like then and now:

Now it's just a few finishing touches, after that it's moving it out to their house. YAH!!!!!
And I'll be getting back to my neglected craft items. I have a few new Christmas items in the making and hopefully be able to add them to my site soon. Then after that's finished, my neice Jess, needs a slip cover for her couch & chair made, Thankfully we're in the same household. I can lug my old sewing maching upstairs and get to work. LOL So once again I'll be busy, but hopefully be back here to post some new info.
I'm off for now be back soon :)

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