Sunday, October 5, 2008

October 5, 2008


It's been chilly here today and am wishing for the summer back. Things have been real busy here. Still trying to finish up a couple projects in the works. And promised myself I wouldn't start any others till I did. :-) Well tonight after I finish up this post I'm gonna have at it. I found my epoxy that went missing :-) but that it's found and my jingle bells are all rusted, thanks to the recipe my good friend Leigh sent, I have no excuse.

One of my Ebay groups just finished up a Bingo game, which I had a lot of fun in. Didn't win Bingo but won a prize for a trivia question.

I have another in the works in my TGAGG group which should be alot of fun and a mystery prize to be donated........ Who's gonna win :-)

Well I'm off for now and will try to get back soon to fill ya in on some more good stuff.. HEHEHE

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papel1 said...

Just stopping by to check up on your blog.