Thursday, July 30, 2009

August is coming Fast!!!

Yes that's right August is coming upon us fast. There are so many things still to do.. September will be here before I know it and my neice will be married. YAH.. I still have tons to do but am hoping to get most of that out of my way this week. I finally got the centerpieces done last night.. And will be working on the dresses this weekend. I forgot how much work goes into weddings. LOL... It should be a fun day and can't wait for it to come.. Now onto other goings on for August.....

Don't forget to mark off your Calendar for August 1-7. This will be Age*before*beauties Autism Awarness launch. Parts or all of the proceeds from these sales will help out Autism Charities chosen by the artist. You will be able to find many wonderful items HERE. Please I hope you will join us and let's help put the puzzle pieces together...
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