Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Oh what a week!!!

Oh me oh my were to start, this has been bugging since it started a week ago. I was torn do I fight for my rights, do I say it’s not worth it and go on with my life, do I send up a prayer for this person. It’s taken me a while to collectively put my thoughts together. So they don’t come out of anger and frustration. But this issue was a tad bit hard

To begin, I have been accused of copying from someone. Someone whom I didn’t know who they were till they emailed me a week ago. And had I been given a chance to defend myself against their attacks, they would have known that too. But because of what I found after the email it had me feel that there was no reasoning with this person, they had me judged, juried and had me gallows bound. LOL
It wasn’t until in search of my accuser finding my picture plastered on their blog, time stamped not but minutes after emailing me and same for their Facebook. I was angered and frustrated specially when I’ve never had contact with them, never did business with them, never knew of their work until the email. And to be falsely accused!!! I know where my ideas come from and if I had been inspired by their work or anyones I give credit to that person out of common courteous and not because a law tells me to do so otherwise. Unless I’ve used a pattern and it clearly states it in their disclaimer as many of the Name Brand Pattern makers have marked on their front envelopes( for home use only ect.)  But as for this it sickens me to know there are people who say it’s okay to take from me but I want credit and if you don’t give me credit you stole. NO it doesn’t work that way. If you want to protect your work you need to protect it from the whole and not pick and choose, specially in my case; who’s Idea did not come from yours but out of mere coincidence look similar.  Now does this person go after everyone she thinks takes from her? No only the few who are underselling what they do, those who don’t give them credit and those with their own similar ideas.  Now, in my eyes, there was another way to handle this situation that wouldn’t have led to name calling and degradation of ones work.

This is also a lesson to all who want to do the same as they did. Be sure when you are calling out a COPY CAT, you don’t use any picture that isn’t yours to aid in your claim and be sure of the words you are using as well. For doing so you are only proving that what’s good for the goose isn’t good for the gander. Besides that quote you are clearly breaking the DMCA laws set forth in 1996 signed by Clinton, but also by breaking the terms of service and privacy policies when uploading a photo that isn’t yours with the site you are using. And just because you can right click and save doesn’t mean you can distribute or use any picture without consent of the owner. So in your fight, make sure you know your rights and those rights of those you accuse.

And another thing if there wasn’t variety in this world or People with the same ideas would we have a light bulb?  because before Joseph Wilson Swan in 1850 and Thomas Edison in 1878 there were 22 others with an idea to make the first incandescent bulb. It was only commercialized later by these 2 men. The thoughts were already in the heads of others. So for originality, there lies none. They were all trying to come up with the end product. Now to the bulb of today there are many manufactures out there and if you look at 2 different bulbs they are very similar, what makes them different is their shape, color, stamp of ownership ect. Now the bulb isn’t the only product out there or art form that is the same. Unless you were brought up in a box oblivious to the world and came out with wonderful ideas, then you like us all get our inspirations from the world, be it a book, a movie, a memory, a picture, a cartoon character, a childs drawing, ect you get my point. But we’ve all ran with those inspiration to create our ideas.  And there are many of us out there who can come up with the same idea, make a product be similar by mere coincidence alone not by copying them. The world is full of great minds and then there are those with Great minds who refuse to see that they are not the only one GOD had given talents or ideas to.

So to end this rant. And to let those, who know who they are,  know I am not shameful of what I didn’t do, I will not run and hide or fear the accusations of those who throw them, I will not wither in a corner and cowl I will stand for what I know is truth and Fight for my rights as An American, as a human as an artist/crafter.And in my fight you will know who I am, I will not hide behind my computer, for I am not a coward.
And on that note to quote the last line from our Pledge “with liberty and justice for all”
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Sandi and Kassy Ramirez said...

Sweetie I had no idea you were being attacked. Whomever they are shame on them. I have no idea who they are but I have to wonder if they are threatened by your wonderful artwork.
Many Hugs from the Shweet Potato lady who gets her inspiration from Shweet Potato Designs with permission and prise for Carm's graphics.
Love ya and your work

Dragonfly Treasure said...

OMG!! I'm so sorry you are going through this! You are very creative and talented, don't let this ignoramous ruin your spark. Hang in there and keep doing what you do...your work is beautiful and original.

Sunshines*Creations said...

Thank you ladies, I didn't want to burden anyone with this but after a bit felt I needed to say something.
Big hugs to you both...