Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I guess it's about time for me to post again, hehehe. I can't believe it's almost here... THANKSGIVING that is. Time seems to be flying by and next will be Christmas Oh my.. So many gifts and baking to do, but will get it all done hopefully before the guest start arriving on Christmas eve.
This time of year is busy for me. My website needs revamping and still have many a gifts to make, Then Be sure to check out My ebay cause there will be loads of Christmas listing there too.I still can't believe Christmas is almost 4 weeks away AHHHHH....

But I will work on and be the busy elf I must.. I just wanted to take a moment to let yall know I'm still here and counting my blessings everyday. I do hope for all out there reading this Has a wonderful and HAPPY THANKSGIVING with their family and loved ones. On that note.. A blessing from my Nephew he learned this in pre school.
"Thank you for the world so sweet, Thank you for the food we eat...
Thank you for the Birds that sing, Thank you GOD for everything."

Stay tuned too There may be an online Craft show some time in December....
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