Monday, February 22, 2010

Spring will be here soon...

Soon we will be seeing the sprouts of green coming up from the ground from all the little bulb flowers reaching up for the warmth of the sun.  Up from their winter resting place to a new season and a new year. I know I'm a little early but I am waiting patiently for the sun and the earth to align again for us to bask in it's warmth for a couple of season. I am so ready for it. To get out and start my garden again and enjoy the fresh air of spring, to hang laundry on the line. By the way I've tried winter hanging only to find my cloth stiff as a board LOL.. But with spring near I've been inspired to create a couple new items. This first one came when I was reminded of Mrs. Tittlemouse, A character from Beatrix Potter. Growing up every year the Easter Bunny would leave me a few Potter books in my basket. I still have all of them today. This year I pulled those books out and looked them over and was awed at how talented Ms Potter was. I remember always picturing little Peter hopping through Mr McGregors garden losing his shoes and coat, or with Hunca munca and Tom Thumb playing in the little doll house and how tidy Mrs Tittlemouse was. So here I have made my version of that mouse with dust pan and brush.
  From this one I made another mouse, a victorian era mouse, with bustle and parasol in hand.

Then Lastly.. I have made a kitty and mouse set. But this one will have to wait for show. There is a story behind her and I would like to share in a new post. I will be listing the victorian mouse soon on eBay and Mrs Tittlemouse will be on my website. Thank you all for stopping by for a read, please feel free to email me with any questions..
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