Sunday, August 7, 2011

Dollar Dayz!!!

Our First item:
Veggie Ornie Patch $5.00
These Fresh veggies ornies look like they just got picked from the garden. Placed anywhere in your home they would make a great accent. They would look great on a kitchen table or added to a counter. Each veggie was made from quality muslin that was painted to look just like the real thing. The tomato, green pepper, corn and carrots greenery are made from painted wraphia. The shovel is also made from painted grey muslin that was stiffend with a piece of cardboard in between, it also has been grunged to look like it was just in the dirt. The handle is made from a twig. The gloves are made from the same muslin, they have been hand painted with pink and blue flowers and on the palm side they were painted to look like they have little rubber grippers on them. They and the carrots were also grunged with my cinnamon mix.
These ornies will come to you with the green basket too. They will be loose so you can arrange them anyway you’d like. At thanksgiving they would make a great accent in a cornucopia. I will send the pic of how they are arranged via email so you can use that as a guide for you fillers. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did making them.
You will get :
2 corn -11”x2”
2: tomato – 3”
2: green peppers – 3”
5: carrots – 13”x1” (including greenery)
6: string beans – 4”
1: shovel -10”x3”
1: pair of garden gloves -10”x4”
1: green basket -13”x8”
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