Monday, November 26, 2012

Cyber Week SALE on Ebay

Ok I know it's been a while since I posted, but I've been keeping busy and getting ready for the Holidays. The weather here in New England is getting colder and winter is coming in strong. Making the Holiday spirit come alive. Been baking and decorating and sewing and knitting, just a few of my favorite things :). And hopefully some of those sewing projects can become yours. 
Here is a sneak peak. Stop by EBAY to check them out!!

Here are
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Friday, September 7, 2012

Selling and Ebay

It's been a while since I've posted on here and on Ebay. I finally made a few fall items for sale. Lately with the summer it's been busy. Gardening and lots of yard work to get finished this season, not much time to sew. I have been keeping busy though, with smaller items. Crochet or Knitting mainly, getting some hats and scarf sets finished up. Here are a few items listed on Ebay please stop by my page to check them out.

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Friday, May 11, 2012

My Memories Software Fun!!

This was a quicky I made up the other day.
Great Giveaway on Leelou's Blog sponsored by My Memories. I have this fun scrapbooking software and have been having a blast using it. I love all the different sizes pages you can make, the possibilities are endless. I just got this software the other day and made up a few pages. Some are still a work in progress. I love this software too for the fact that I can save my projects and go back to fix, add or move what I did. I have so many pictures that I can't wait to work on it some more!!!!
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Monday, January 2, 2012

Swiffer Pad Cover Knit Pattern

First off let me say, I'm not a pro pattern writer there may be mistakes, if you do find any please let me know.
I've made several of these pads over the years. I love the fact that I save money by not purchasing the disposable ones. I haven't used mine for wet purposes, but as a dry mop to pick up pet hair and those pesky dust bunnies it works great. Best part is too it doesn't take much yarn, I've used scraps less than 2 oz. Ok so here's what you need:

Cotton worsted weight yarn approximately 2-2 1/2 oz ( ex Bernat Cotton, Lily's Sugar'n Cream cotton)
Size 8 knitting needles
2 stitch markers
Measuring tape, tapestry needle, safety pins

PM= Place Marke
SM=Slip Marker
K= Knit
St= Stitches
To get started you will need the measurements of your swiffer mop. Measure the length then add 4 inches to that. Mine was 10" and I added 4 giving me 14 total.
Cast on 22 st.
Row 1: k across
Row 2: p across
Row 3: K3, (PM) *P1, K1* repeat  across to last 3 st (PM) K3
Row 4: P3, (SM) * K1, P1* repeat across to marker (SM) P3
Repeat rows 3 and 4 until  you have your total inches knitted ending with a Row 4. You will then repeat Rows 1-2 once and bind off.
Now you will want to fold the ends down 2 1/2 inches on either end and pin. By pinning  you can do a dry fit before you sew and adjust if needed. Just don't over stretch the fabric, it will shrink when washed. Then sew up the 4 sides wrong sides together. Flip out the pockets you just formed and slip it on  you mop. That's it your done!!!

Now if you've used the cotton yarn, your pad will shrink a little no worries, mine have always been fine and actually fit the mop better after washed.
If you don't want to used cotton, I'm sure you can use scraps of acrylic yarns, although I'm not sure how well they would be on different surfaces. I have only made mine in the cotton. HMMM I guess I need to test it in acrylics next :). But any who, if you do decide yourself to try it, use a worsted weight yarn and just be sure your gauge for the width is 5st to an inch, the height gauge doesn't matter as long as your width is correct. Follow the instructions above making sure to leave 3 sts at the beginning and end of the pattern, you may need to adjust the seed stitch (K1, P1) Also the length, because acrylic doesn't shrink, you may want to minus 1 inch from your mops length  So if your mop is 10 do 13 with the 4 and fold up each end 2 1/2 inches.
Again though I haven't tested it in the Acrylic so I can't guarantee it will fit the same.
I do hope you enjoy knitting this and please feel free to make as many of these as you wish for fun or profit.
Kaela :)

NOTE: I like the seed stitch for this seems to pick up better, but you could do other stitches on the 16 middle st. I've done this in a 2x2 rib, Stockinette st on 3 rows then reverse; so it has ridges. Diamond patterns, squares of k4 p4 for 4 rows then p4 k4 for 4 rows repeating etc....As long as the 3 sts at either end are worked in a stockinette st the possibilities are endless for the middle 16.
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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Swiffer cover

I have recently gotten a ton of yarn from a family friend and have been working on some extra swiffer pads. I've made several of these years back an thought why not share my pattern. Just need to take a photo and will get it up and posted. It's a quick knit. Maybe a couple hours and you can whip one up yourself.
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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Happy New Year!!!

Hello folks! Seems I've been mia again. Life has been keeping me busy for the past few months I haven't had much computer time.
Let's see, my great nephew is starting to walk which is great and sad at the same time. Great because he's growing and sad because he is.
November was super busy, had a wedding cake to make, christmas orders to get out, Thanksgiving week (takes the week to prepare) rounding out the month with an early birthday bash for mom's 70th. Mom had a good time family and friends came, she was shocked. We kept telling her it was a holiday party, seeing as we didn't have a Halloween party we wanted to celebrate the three holidays at once, we sure had her fooled lol!! It was a 50's diner theme! We had minis of all the good diner foods, menus and poodle skirt cookies for favors. A faux jukebox rockin out oldies music. Everyone had a blast!

Now with the holidays past and a New Year on the way keeping busy again the next couple of months with birthdays and hopefully some new crafted items to add to my shop and ebay.

Hopefully I will be back sooner with updates and such, thank you all for stopping by and taking time out to visit my little blog.
May you all have a Safe and Happy New Year!!!!!
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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

More Sales Going on!!!

Wow I'm on  a role here last post less than a month ago LOL.. That's a new record for me, I hope to be able to keep up like this. I do enjoy sitting for a moment and writing something be it long or short. Today though maybe short.

I decided recently to say the heck with it and pulled out the old trusty sewing machine and get to some new items. Been in the mood for fall decor so I decided to sew up some Halloween/fall items. I have 2 done and 2 more I'm hoping to get done tonight. I have this one listed already on Ebay Witches hat with Pumpkins and mice, Loved how it came out. I love this hat pattern and been wanting to add some pumpkins for a while. I love the mice on it, If this hat could tell a story it might go something like this..

Poor young witch, who's always late, was on her way to the weekly Witches meeting "  flying at almost super speed on  her broom, trying to make it there on time and not be late yet again, forgot to hold tight to her hat. It flew off her and fluttered down into the woods below, she sped off knowing she couldn't be late. As the hat made it's way to the through the almost bare trees below and almost landing on an old brown screech owl, a gust of wind guided it to its final destination at the end of a hollowed out tree trunk. Where 2 little mice where gathering some pumpkins for a Fall harvest festival.They looked at the hat and thought how great would this be for the festival A real Witches hat. They even though maybe of making it their home after the festival was done. They put the pumpkins on the hat and pulled it along to a clearing where animals all over where getting ready for a Feast.

Ok I'm not a great story teller but you get the idea LOL. I see something like this every time I've made this hat, but each time a new adventure might be going on with the mice and their meeting with the hat. IDK the things that go on in a mind of a crafter/artist.

I'm working on a pumpkin set from My Primitive Saltbox, these are almost complete just a few more touches. Also have another set of Mice, 3 witches these are coming along cute. I'm not sure I will want to part with them. 

I'm also trying to de-stash some of my previous craft items. So far things are going well, will have a handful more listed on Ebay all under 5.00 starting bid. I'll post a new post here with more detail.

Ok I think I've blathered long enough LOL Hope you've enjoyed your read. Thanks again for stopping by and taking time out of  your day to take a read/look.


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