Sunday, October 11, 2009

October is here!!

Well October is here and soon will be christmas.. YAHOO.... I love making christmas items..

OK for starters My niece was Married September 19 and it was a lovely wedding. The cake arrived safe and sound thankfully.. The whole day was wonderful No rain in site either.( was an out door ceramony) The reception was fun, loads of dancing and well more dancing LOL.. I was hurting the next couple days hehehe...
Now that that is all over with time to get crackin on Christmas. I am making loads of ornies and dollies. I need to get the pictures done and listed on EBAY.. soon.. Tonight I have a few new ornies inthe works. Soon as they are listed I will post here. Maybe even have a Christmas Give away. Think it's time for one.. So look for it soon. A pattern Giveaway come NOVEMBER.. Should be fun... OK need to get to bed then more work for tomorrow. We celebrate my sister's 41st bday.. Should be a fun day... Have a great one all.
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Dragonfly Treasure said...

Your neice made a gorgeous bride. Sounds like is was a wonderful day. Your bunnies on the side bar are sooo cute!......Yes, I'm looking on to Easter..never too early right? LOL
Have a Happy Thanksgiving!
and thanks so much for stopping by